Conditions of Use

Typically this section is some legal mumbo jumbo about how you can use our website, don't be naughty, yadda've all seen it. So instead, we're going to describe our "game conditions", so you have a perfect idea of what your buying and what is included with your purchase:

Collectors- Brand spanking new. The factory sealed goodness is godlike. This is for die hard game collectors who want a flawless addition (most likely won't open) for their library.

New- Shrink-wrapped in all its glory. Fresh off the store shelves. May have very minor wear on case only. Game disk & innards are in mint condition.

Like New- Sure, someone opened it, but it was shown nothing but love even during use. Everything is intact (original case, manual, game) and the game disk is flawless (no scratches).

Good- Everything is intact (original case, manual, game) and may have minor wear. Game is guaranteed to play even with any cosmetic defects.

Cartridge Only- It's your game, it's playable, just is missing the box & instructions. Guaranteed to work.

Original Titles only - We only stock original (1st print) titles of your favorite games. We don't sell platinum hits, greatest hits, player's choice, nintendo selects, million sellers or best sellers. We do not sell low quality re-released versions. Only the best and highest quality at Mike's Classics!

Return Policy

All used game items are sold "as is". All used games are tested & verified in working order prior to sale. There is a 5-day return policy on used games if returned in working order.

For New Products: there is a 30-day return policy as long as the product is returned in a 'new' condition.

ALL returns are subject to managerial approval.

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